Installer & Technician Credential (ITC) Program

Day-to-day operations and longer-term planning for today’s traffic technicians and engineers are rapidly changing. As purchases and installations evolve from analog to digital equipment, technicians, planners, and engineers are responsible for deploying and maintaining information-centric systems.

The NEXT Education and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) collaborated to launch a multi-level Certificate of Competency for ITS installers, technicians, and professionals. This MicroTraX series delivers the needed knowledge and skills in a precise and logical order. Participants who complete the program are awarded an endorsed Certificate of Competency from ITE.

This course will give the information and experience necessary for strategic planning, tactical implementation, and smooth operations.


  • Decisions involved in installing ITS
  • Evolving trends for successful ITS deployments
  • Strategies and national standards of ITS
  • How do communications system impact ITS deployment
  • Skills needed to maintain and troubleshoot ITS devices
  • Getting started as a technician
  • Troubleshooting practices
  • Integration of ITS components

The ITE/NEXT ITC Program offers transportation professionals a condensed yet flexible approach to begin their journey into intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The course will familiarize participants with the history, ecosystem, functions, and architecture of ITS applications and the concepts and vision of cybersecurity within the intelligent transportation ecosystem.

The ITC curriculum has been developed around the specific in-demand skills for workers engaging in the new connected economy. All instructors are subject matter experts, equipped with real-world field experience, ready to prepare participants with a solid foundation in infrastructure basics and supporting systems technologies.

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