Matt Quinn

Owner & Flight Director, Great Lakes Drones Company

Matt Quinn has been responsible for major breakthroughs in the drone industry.
As a driver of technology and innovation across a variety of commercial and public applications, he provides regulatory consulting for the ever expanding field of drone technology for several public and private UAS operations. Matt’s primary focus has been unmanned aerial system integration into the commercial market. These accomplishments include one of the first ten FAA commercial night waivers and the 3rd Multiple Unmanned Waiver by the FAA. He holds several authorizations within the US, Canada, Sri Lanka, and Morocco markets for UAS operations on multiple platforms. These operations include aerial cinematography, aerial and underwater search and rescue, SWARM technology and aerial crop spraying with agricultural data management. Working with companies like SeaWorld, EAA, AOPA, Universal Studios, the Sri Lanka Navy and Haileys Group, Matt is an industry leader in proof of concept aerial UAS operations. He has expanded educational services to Part 141 compliant UAS education. His recent partnership with Fortem Technologies secured further technology, knowledge and demonstration capabilities of anti-UAS program management.

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