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The NEXT Education is a training company that specializes in intelligent transportation, autonomous and new mobility systems. We offer credentials, certifications and continuing education for professionals. Through a series of video-based and on-line live instruction, learning is delivered in a flexible, convenient and entertaining format allowing you to advance your career whenever and wherever you are ready to learn.


Leaders & Planners

Change is now. The current environment, consistent new technology and information systems call for leaders to be both agile and collaborative. Unleashing the collective genius of your teams requires leaders to understand the complexities of planning with purpose. Learn from those in the field who are making strategic and tactical decisions as transportation touches more industry verticals.

Next Generation Technicians

Moving from analog to digital has quickly changed the face of work requirements, knowledge and skills needed for today’s traffic technician and maintenance workers. Information technicians and maintenance workers will be responsible for information-centric installations and upkeep. Shifting focus from completing installations to proactive strategic planning requires upskilling to both work with the equipment of today and tomorrow.

Today’s & Tomorrow’s Engineers

The deployment of intelligent transportation and new mobility systems will be driven by engineers, installers, managers, automotive and telecom workers who have cross-industry knowledge and skills. Civil engineering is a world apart from information technology specialists, analysts, and coders needed to plan for and install current and future technology. Upskill for the world of connectivity and autonomy for today and tomorrow.


Policymakers & Influencers

Understanding legislation, regulation, the administration of both and communicating the intersection of data, technology and transportation to the public is imperative. An across the board understanding of the technology and the changes these systems are and will be bringing to roads, bridges, tunnels, transit and the skies is the foundational component of deployment and acceptance of these systems.

The NEXT Education

For The Change Agents
For The Curious
For The Innovators

Intelligent transportation and new mobility systems are built on critical knowledge and deep problem-solving skills combined with a passion for creating safer, accessible, equitable, sustainable and connected transportation.

As connected and autonomous mobility and smart cities rapidly increase, so does the demand for knowledgeable leaders, certified and credentialed employees, and skilled workers. This requires consistent up to date information on new technologies and real world experience to stay relevant in an increasing number of fields.

The NEXT Education MicroTraX Platform

This competency-based learning approach is delivered in a flexible, customizable and entertaining format. The NEXT Education meets you where you are.

With knowledge checks throughout the process, these self-paced MicroTraX programs are available whenever and wherever you are ready to learn.

Grow the Person. Grow the Industry.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Mark Chaput
COO The American Center for Mobility

The understanding of rapid technological evolution and the need for public acceptance of new vehicle and infrastructure technologies is at the heart of the deployment of intelligent transportation systems.

Autonomous & Connected Vehicles

Alisyn Malek
Executive Director, Commission on the Future of Mobility
CEO, Middle Third
Co-Founder, May Mobility

The safe deployment of the next levels of autonomous vehicles and the coordination of the technology needed for vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I/V2X) connectivity are becoming day to day responsibilities of transportation planners and managers.

Smart Cities & Communities

Anthony Magnan
CVP Head of Emerging Vehicle Technology, Verizon

How will 5G drive “Smart” cities and communities connectivity? As technologies and services evolve, the communications infrastructure needed to accommodate the growth will require increased collaboration between industries and governments.

From connected to autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation and new mobility systems, 5G deployment and smart cities/communities check out our current MicroTraX program offerings. Take control of your future.

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