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The NEXT Education delivers professional training, continuing education and certification in fields including intelligent transportation, new mobility, cybersecurity and autonomous systems.

We deliver the knowledge and skills you need to stay ahead of the competition through a combination of on-demand video lessons and live, online instruction. Our courses are flexible, self-paced, current and entertaining. Our instructors work at the frontiers of the technologies they teach. Join The NEXT Education and help forge the future.


Empowering Leaders & Planners

Leaders are charged with maximizing productivity, driving breakthroughs in innovation, and inspiring teams to gain the competitive edge. The NEXT Education helps leaders become agents of change, equipping their teams with the knowledge and skills organizations need to forge new frontiers, build trust among partners and grow business in rapidly evolving advanced technologies.

Equipping Next Generation Technicians

Installers, technicians and maintenance workers need a comprehensive understanding of intelligent transportation, autonomy and new mobility technologies to fulfill their roles in industry. The NEXT Education delivers training in the fundamentals of connected intelligent transportation and infrastructure; communications protocols; cybersecurity; and the skills and certifications necessary to effectively work with engineers, planners and leaders in those fields.

Developing Tomorrow’s Engineers Today

Automotive, telecom and civil engineers and managers need cross-industry knowledge, skills and credentials to navigate the intersecting intelligent transportation, mobility, autonomy, smart city and cybersecurity fields. The NEXT Education’s self-paced MicroTraX courses equip professionals with the fundamental knowledge, skills, experience and credentials to compete in these increasingly intertwined and rapidly evolving technologies.


Informing Policymakers & Influencers

Policymakers and regulators face pressure to understand how advancements in intelligent transportation, autonomy and mobility systems affect infrastructure, safety and policy needs in their communities. The NEXT Education equips these leaders and their staffs with a thorough understanding of the advanced technology landscape, helps anticipate how technologies may intersect, and enables action on applicable policies and regulations.

The NEXT Education

The Power to Innovate
Begins Here.

The NEXT Education is dedicated to equipping leaders, professionals, policymakers and technicians with the knowledge and skills to innovate and advance global growth in the rapidly evolving fields of autonomy, new mobility, cybersecurity and smart city technologies.

Our training prepares individuals and organizations to compete and forge new frontiers.

Our credentials instill confidence among existing and potential partners and customers as they decide whom to trust with their business.

The NEXT Education MicroTraX Platform

The MicroTraX platform delivers customizable courses through on-demand video lessons and live, online instruction from leading innovators.

Flexible, self-paced, current and entertaining, MicroTraX courses are available when you are, wherever you are.

Grow the Person. Grow the Industry.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Mark Chaput
COO The American Center for Mobility

The understanding of rapid technological evolution and the need for public acceptance of new vehicle and infrastructure technologies is at the heart of the deployment of intelligent transportation systems.

Autonomous & Connected Vehicles

Alisyn Malek
Executive Director, Commission on the Future of Mobility
CEO, Middle Third
Co-Founder, May Mobility

The safe deployment of the next levels of autonomous vehicles and the coordination of the technology needed for vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I/V2X) connectivity are becoming day to day responsibilities of transportation planners and managers.

Smart Cities & Communities

Anthony Magnan
CVP Head of Emerging Vehicle Technology, Verizon

How will 5G drive “Smart” cities and communities connectivity? As technologies and services evolve, the communications infrastructure needed to accommodate the growth will require increased collaboration between industries and governments.

Our MicroTraX courses develop knowledge and skills in the technologies that enable smart cities, intelligent transportation, 5G deployment and new mobility. Join The NEXT Education. Become an agent of change.

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